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Meet the Photographer

Born and raised in Casablanca Morocco,  I have been fascinated by extreme rich and varied colors at a young age. Landscapes and cities exuded shapes of old souls and buildings all brought to life through lights and shades. 


In 1997 I moved to Leuven Belgium, a little bridge to a vaster world, a world where I witnessed other curious amalgams of old and modern cultures, shapes, and scenes that fascinated and intrigued me.

In my quest to freeze these unique moments in time and share them, I owned my first camera in 2007 and never looked back, both as a land photographer and underwater photographer.


As an avid diver, both passions bring me to remote places that I enjoy documenting. 

Lately I focus my camera mostly on the beauty underwater. My goal is to bring a tiny stone to our push towards preservation for another generation to come.


I hope by immersing my lens and opening my aperture every time to take a shot, to open one more iris to the beauty of our planet and to the need of saving it all.

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